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Daniel K. Roberts, OD, PhD


Phone: 312-949-7318

Why ICO?

Excellent clinical training environment with supportive faculty and programs.


Dr. Roberts has served as a full-time faculty member at ICO since 1987, and since then he has participated in clinical instruction, administration and research activities. He holds the rank of professor at the College, and he also has adjunct faculty appointments at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Department of Ophthalmology and at the UIC School of Public Health, where he teaches epidemiologic methods.

Special Interests
Primary eye care, epidemiology; primary research include glaucoma, with emphasis on pigmentary glaucoma and pigment dispersion ocular syndromes, and infrared imaging techniques for examination of the iris.

University of Illinois at Chicago, PhD
University of Michigan, MS
VA Medical Center, Danville, Ill., residency
Indiana University School of Optometry, OD
Indiana University, BS


1987-present Illinois College of Optometry

Awards and Honors

2011 Excellence in Education Award, Illinois College of Optometry
1991, 1996-1997 Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, Illinois College of Optometry
1988-1992, 1996-1997 Professionalism Award, Illinois College of Optometry

Professional Organizations

Member, American Optometric Association
Member, Illinois Optometric Association
Member, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Fellow, American Academy Optometry
Member, Illinois Chapter of American Academy Optometry
Member, Optometric Glaucoma Society

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