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Stephanie Messner, OD, FAAO

Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs

Phone: 312-949-7015

Why ICO?

Students who are interested in getting a superior clinical education should come to ICO. Our students receive outstanding experience in all areas of patient care including ocular disease, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation, binocular vision and primary eye care. Our classroom experience prepares students well for our challenging patient care environment, as evidenced by our students’ exceptional performance on all aspects of the National Board Examinations. In addition, although ICO is a “large” optometry school, we have a very close-knit community. When I first came to ICO as a faculty member in 1985, I thought that I would probably stay for a few years. Over thirty-five years later I find that I still wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


Dr. Messner joined the ICO faculty in 1985. Since that time she has served in a variety of administrative roles, primarily related to patient care education and residency programs. In addition she has been an active teacher in the classroom, laboratories and clinical program throughout her career. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and has served in a variety of professional organizations, including the Illinois State Licensing and Disciplinary Board, the ASCO Residency Affairs Committee and the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education.


Special Interests
Primary Eye Care, Ocular Infections

2011, 2012 Pennsylvania State University, Academic Leadership Academy
1985 Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Primary Care Optometry Residency
1984 Pennsylvania College of Optomtery, OD
1982  Pennsylvania College of Optomtery, BSVS
1980 University of Pittsburgh, BS


1985-present Illinois College of Optometry

Awards and Honors

1998 ICO Distinguished Faculty Member Award
1984 Wildermuth Foundation Scholar
1984 Alumni Association Award
1982 Beta Sigma Kappa

Professional Organizations

Fellow, American Academy of Optometry
Member, American Optometric Association
Member, Illinois Optometric Association
Member, North American Neuro-ophthalmology Society
Prentice Society
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council
Vistage International


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