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Chicago Vision Outreach


ICO launched Chicago Vision Outreach near the close of 2010, an initiative to advance students’ training by providing exposure to the diverse challenges of a patient population that needs preventative eye care. This program brings meaningful enhancements to ICO’s revered clinic program and connects students with a range of clinic experiences.

CVO is an extension of the Vision of Hope Health Alliance. Three CVO clinics partner with Chicago-based Federally Qualified Health Centers; these clinics primarily serve under- and uninsured adults and are staffed by an optometrist and an optician, who rotate their time between the three sites. Since CVO began in 2010, more than 12,000 patients have been served.

The fourth CVO clinic partners with the Chicago Public Schools. The IEI’s school-based eye clinic–located inside Princeton Elementary School, which was closed by CPS in 2009–opened in 2011 and provides needed eye health and vision care to thousands of underserved CPS students. Services include eye exams, vision therapy, visual information processing testing, optical coherence tomography, and anterior and posterior segment photos, and eye-movement testing. The clinic is staffed by a medical director, eight attending doctors, two customer service associates, three opticians, and between 55-65 ICO students performing clinical hours each academic quarter. ICO optometrists and residents precept the ICO students. CPS provides a liaison who works with the clinic to coordinate participating school visits and to improve follow-up care. CPS also houses a member of their benefits committee at Princeton to ensure that qualifying children and families have the opportunity to sign up to receive Medicaid/AllKids benefits and other related public aid. 

Proud Supporters of Chicago Vision Outreach


  • Alcon
  • Anonymous
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Chicago Community Trust
  • George M. Eisenberg Foundation
  • Good-Lite
  • Grant Healthcare Foundation
  • Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation
  • Keeler Instruments
  • Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
  • Lions Club International Foundation
  • OneSight
  • Polk Bros. Foundation
  • Richmond Products
  • Star Ophthalmic Instruments
  • Vision Assessment Corporation
  • Volk


  • Bridget C. Axelson, OD
  • A. Clinton Greene, OD
  • Ronald Harrison, OD
  • Colin Howe, OD
  • Truman Schmidt, OD
  • Sandra Taylor
  • Karen Yetter