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Cornea and Contact Lenses Residency

Offering advanced competency in Cornea and Contact Lens Management through education, scholarship, and patient care.

  • Program Sites: Illinois College of Optometry/Illinois Eye Institute, Advanced Eye Care Professionals & University of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois
  • Coordinator: Elyse Chaglasian, OD (
  • Residency Director: Janice Jurkus, OD, MBA
  • Number of Positions: 1
  • Program Dates: The residency is a 53-week program beginning the first Monday in July. This time frame ensures overlap with current residents to provide an orientation period.
  • ORMatch #15113

Program Description

This fully accredited (ACOE) one-year program focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and management of complex corneal, anterior segment and contact lens related conditions. The Resident will gain experience in patient care and teaching. This unique Residency offers clinical experience in three types of settings; private practice, hospital and educational centers. Clinical assignments include direct care and precepting responsibilities in the Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence, the Center for Advanced Ophthalmic Care and Emergency Services at the Illinois Eye Institute, which is ICO’s primary clinical teaching facility. Clinical work in a private practice setting includes primary care and contact lens care. Cornea and anterior segment plus pre and postoperative management are provided in conjunction with the University Of Chicago Department Of Ophthalmology. Throughout the program, particular emphasis is on the diagnosis and management of corneal and anterior segment pathology, and the fitting of specialty contact lenses including keratoconic, bifocal, toric and post-op fittings. Opportunities for research development and individualization of the program exist. This challenging program is designed to enable the resident to develop and cultivate advanced clinical competency in cornea and contact lens management.

Illinois Eye Institute

The Illinois Eye Institute (IEI) is a multi-specialty eye center serving patients form the Chicago metropolitan region. Over 98,000 patient visits are registered annually. IEI is a division of the Illinois College of Optometry and is affiliated with the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Chicago. In addition to primary eye care, comprehensive subspecialty eye care is available in all areas of ophthalmic care. IEI serves as a center for clinical research involving many eye and vision problems, including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cornea and contact lenses and pediatric eye disorders.

Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence

At the Illinois Eye Institute, we have a staff of practitioners specializing in cornea and contact lenses, dedicated to providing comprehensive services that yield successful wear. In addition, corneal pathology consultative services are provided. Our status as a teaching institution ensures that we are equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and an extensive inventory of contact lenses and lens care solutions.

Program Objectives/Design

The residency will enhance skills in the diagnosis and management of complex cornea/contact lens patients such as keratoconic, presbyopic, ortho-keratology, astigmatic, post surgical, anterior segment disease, and urgent care patients. The Resident will develop/enhance skills of an advanced diagnostic nature with Corneal topography, Endothelial cell studies, Corneal pachymetry, A-scan and B-scan ultrasonography and Anterior segment photography.

In a typical week, the resident participates in the following activities. The resident is expected to spend at least 44 hours/week doing residency activities. The times listed are approximations and are subject to change:

  • Private practice: direct care (9 hours)
  • Advanced care: anterior segment (4.5 hours)
  • Contact lenses: direct care, precepting (11.5 hours)
  • Hospital clinic: observation, interaction (5 hours)
  • Educational rounds (4 hours)
  • Research development (4 hours)
  • Consultation (2 hours)

Research Responsibilities

The resident is required to complete a literature review, research study or case report of publishable quality during the course of the residency. It is recommended that the project be presented at academic meetings, or published in a refereed journal.

Educational Opportunities

The resident attends and participates in regularly scheduled conferences that take place at the Illinois College of Optometry. An on campus educational training session taught by education experts helps the resident develop skills as a clinical educator. In addition, this course aids the resident in the development of skills needed to give effective presentations. The resident is allowed 5 days of educational leave for meetings such as the American Academy of Optometry, American Optometric Association and regional specialization meetings.

Residency Supervision/ Evaluation Process

The resident is supervised by the faculty in each clinic. Increasing autonomy develops as the residency progresses. The resident receives three evaluations in addition to general feedback from their supervisor. The area supervisor develops the resident’s schedule on a quarterly basis. Grand rounds presentations given three times a year are evaluated by the entire faculty. A summary report is generated by the Residency Coordinator and is then forwarded and discussed with the resident.

The resident will meet on a regular basis with the Residency Coordinator during the course of the year to provide guidance throughout the program and enhance the clinical experience. The resident is also asked to evaluate their residency experience at the completion of the program.

Salary and Benefits

The resident’s salary is $39,670 pro-rated for 53 weeks.

Benefits eligibility to participate in group medical and dental insurance with a prescription card, and professional liability insurance for eye care provided at the Illinois Eye Institute and its affiliated clinics. Group term life and disability insurance is also provided. Additional benefits include: one week of personal vacation, five days academic leave, as well as holiday time when the Illinois Eye Institute is closed.

For more information:

Elyse Chaglasian, OD
Illinois College of Optometry
3241 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60616