ICO Matters

ICO-Matters_Summer_2014-CoverICO Matters is the official alumni magazine of the Illinois College of Optometry. Published three times per year, the magazine showcases what is happening with ICO alumni, current students and in the field of optometry. No matter what kind of news you have–whether it’s a new practice opportunity or a new baby–the ICO Matters staff wants to know so we can let your classmates know, too.

The magazine is published three times each year. In 2014 we launched a digital edition of the magazine, icomatters.ico.edu. You can also click on the cover at right to access our latest edition, the Summer 2014 issue. If you prefer to only access the electronic version and not to receive a copy by mail, please submit your request directly to alumni@ico.edu.


If you have a submission for Class Notes or In Memoriam, please send the information to alumni@ico.edu. For all other editorial questions, ideas or submissions, please contact ICO Matters editor Erin Engstrom.

Become an Author

ICO Matters welcomes all alumni who wish to be authors. If you are interested in writing an article, please contact Erin for the submission guidelines before you begin writing.

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