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Get a view from the inside.

ICO’s student blog offers real perspectives from all four years of optometry school. Our talented writers tackle everything from Chicago’s CTA and coffee shops to honest reflections on patient care. These voices provide a true view of ICO that can’t be found anywhere else. Read through some of the most recent posts below, and picture yourself at ICO!

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  • Podcasts: The Free Elective Courses About Anything

    Recently, I have discovered a vast array of “elective courses” that are free and do not require attendance to any specific school. They are called podcasts. As…

    January 2017
  • Seeing Inside the Eye Without Assistance

    This quarter, we looked deep into each other’s eyes- literally! We got to use our diagnostic kit- more specifically, we explored the back of the eyes…

    January 2017
  • Should You Take Time Off Before Graduate School?

    So, here’s the thing- graduate school is hard. Surprising, right? This is actually a really important point to think about when planning your graduate school career.…

    January 2017
  • The Holidays: Chicago Edition

    There is no doubt that I picked my fourth year externships strategically- that is, to spend the winter quarter in the best city in the world, Chicago.…

    January 2017
  • Looking Back at Interview Day

    As I walked out of an exam the other day, I passed what looked like an eager but nervous group of students awaiting to begin their…

    December 2016