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Get a view from the inside.

ICO’s student blog offers real perspectives from all four years of optometry school. Our talented writers tackle everything from Chicago’s CTA and coffee shops to honest reflections on patient care. These voices provide a true view of ICO that can’t be found anywhere else. Read through some of the most recent posts below, and picture yourself at ICO!

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  • Now What? NBEO Part I is Finally Over

    Part 1 of NBEO boards is officially over! After a few months of nonstop studying, we third years are free. We have one last quarter left…

    March 2017
  • What is OEP?

    OEP, or Optometry Extension Program, is an internationally-recognized optometry group that works to enhance the visual process and clinical care. One of the biggest aspects of…

    March 2017
  • Rising from Non-Optometry Roots

    For some students, optometry is in their blood. Their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles are optometrists, and they are following in their footsteps. For others, becoming…

    March 2017
  • Music While Studying

    In optometry school, we’re studying a lot. While in undergrad, I definitely was not studying nearly as much as I am now. I’ve been finding myself distracted when…

    March 2017
  • ICO Student Traditions

    I have a tradition with my roommates. It started at the end of our first year, and carried over to second year. At the end of each…

    February 2017