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Get a view from the inside.

ICO’s student blog offers real perspectives from all four years of optometry school. Our talented writers tackle everything from Chicago’s CTA and coffee shops to honest reflections on patient care. These voices provide a true view of ICO that can’t be found anywhere else. Read through some of the most recent posts below, and picture yourself at ICO!

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  • How to Choose a Pre-Optometry Major in Undergrad

    Odds are, if you pick a random OD student and ask them what they majored in during undergrad, the answer is going to be “biology” or…

    July 2017
  • What A Difference a Year Makes

    The notion of linear time may be nothing more than our minds’ way of categorizing information into a chronicle.* Theories suggest that “everything that has occurred, is…

    July 2017
  • OD vs MD: My Decision

    I am often asked, “Why optometry? Why not general medicine or ophthalmology?” My answer is simple. It wasn’t the time difference or the lifestyle. I am intrigued by…

    July 2017
  • Chicago Food Truck Festivities

    Nachos, donuts, pierogis, tacos, lobster, and the list goes on…. This past weekend I attended the Food Truck Festival on Wabash. Full of energy, good food…

    June 2017
  • What is SOLutioN?

    When I joined the ICO Private Practice Club, I heard about this meeting called SOLutioN. I really had no idea what it was, and to be honest, first…

    June 2017