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Stephanie Adams, OD, PhD

Denise Alexopoulos, OD, FAAO

Christine Allison, OD, FAAO, FCOVD

John Baker, OD, MSEd

Barclay W. Bakkum, DC, PhD

Tahira Bedgood, BS

Raman Bhakhri, OD

Chelsea Bradley, OD

Brittney Brady, OD

Elyse L. Chaglasian, OD, FAAO

Michael Chaglasian, OD, FAAO

Robert Donati, PhD

Katie Foreman, OD, FAAO

Kelly A. Frantz, OD, FAAO, FCOVD

Stephanie Fromstein, OD, FAAO

Helen M. Gabriel, OD, FAAO

Geoffrey Goodfellow, OD, FAAO

Greta Gregg, OD

Jennifer S. Harthan, OD, FAAO

Kathryn Hohs, OD

Erica Ittner, OD

Valerie Kattouf, OD

Darren Koenig, OD, PhD

Katherine Lynch, OD, FAAO

Michelle K. Man, OD, FAAO

Tracy Matchinski, OD, FAAO

Mallory McLaughlin, OD

Heather McLeod, OD, FAAO

Janice McMahon, OD, FAAO

Leonard Messner, OD, FAAO

Stephanie Messner, OD, FAAO

Christina Morettin, OD, FAAO

Tricia L. Newman, OD, FAAO

Dominick L. Opitz, OD, FAAO

Yi Pang, MD, OD, PhD, FAAO

Jaymeni Patel, OD, FAAO

Andria Pihos, OD, FAAO

Danielle Piser, OD

Harneet Randhawa, OD, FAAO

Daniel K. Roberts, OD, PhD

Anne Rozwat, OD, FAAO

Patricia Salazar, OD

Navjit K. Sanghera, OD, FAAO

Darrell G. Schlange, OD, DOS, FAAO

Lindsay Sicks, OD, FAAO

Ashley Speilburg, OD, FAAO

Wendy J. Stone, OD, FAAO

Bruce Teitelbaum, OD, FAAO

Christine Weber, MLS

Janis E. Winters, OD, FAAO

Elizabeth Wyles, OD, FAAO

Xiaohua Zhuang, PhD

Rebecca K. Zoltoski, PhD

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Harneet Randhawa, OD, FAAO

Assistant Professor of Optometry; Primary Care & Ocular Disease Residency Coordinator




Why ICO?

ICO provides students with a didactic and clinical experience that prepares them for an exceptional future in Optometry. As an alumna and former resident of ICO, I can personally attest to how dedicated the faculty and administration is to ensuring each student becomes a successful Optometrist. The wide array of opportunities, including research, volunteer work, leadership roles, and networking events, all contribute to the dynamic experience that ICO offers. Located in the diverse and historical city of Chicago, ICO provides a culturally enriching and rewarding experience that you will value for a lifetime.


Dr. Randhawa completed her undergraduate education at Loyola University Chicago. Upon completion of her Doctor of Optometry degree at ICO she pursued a residency in Primary Care and Ocular Disease at ICO. Dr. Randhawa is a clinical attending for second, third, and fourth year students in the primary care and urgent care clinics of the Illinois Eye Institute.

Special Interests

Primary Care/Ocular Disease


2017 Illinois College of Optometry, Primary Care and Ocular Disease Residency
2016 Illinois College of Optometry, OD
2011 Loyola University Chicago, BA


2016-present Illinois College of Optometry

Awards & Honors

2016 Clinical Excellence Award, Illinois College of Optometry

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Optometry
American Optometric Association
Illinois Optometric Association

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