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The journey to OD cannot be made alone.

Our talented faculty is here to support you every step of the way. ICO students learn from the same professors in both class and clinic. So, the mentors who teach you about intraocular pressure will be right there the first time you measure it in a patient. Faculty presence assures that ICO graduates are best prepared to practice in today’s world.



Part Time Faculty

Adkins, Patrick, BCO
Allen, Megan, OD
Asano, Koari, OD
Banser, Frederic, MS, OD
Beckerman, Stephen,OD
Boyce, Pamela, OD
Crumbliss, Kara, OD
Desai, Achyut, OD
Govekar, Colleen, OD
Gurka, David, PhD, MD
Halikias, Tanya, OD
Hodur, Neil, OD
Ireland, Dennis, OD, MEd
Kaser, Joo Won Lee, OD
Kelly, Susan Ann, PhD
Kosciuk, Nicole, OD
Knapp, Lanae, OD
Krymskaya, Piana, OD
Langle, Karina, OD
Lee, Rachel, OD
Matchinski, Tracy, OD
McCray, Joseph, OD
Nguyen, Mindy, OD
Piser, Danielle, OD
Roberts, Mary Flynn, OD
Rice, Samantha, OD
Saiyed, Rahnuma, OD, FAAO
Sigler, Melissa, OD
Smolyansky, Valeriya, OD
Tahir, Shmaila, OD
Tan, Alex, OD
Upadhyay, Snehali, OD
Vitale, David, MD
Zost, Michael, OD

Emeritus Faculty

Gerald Dujsik, MALS
Director of Learning Resources Emeritus

David Lee OD, PhD, FAAO
Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Optometry and Physiological Optics
Lesher, Gary, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Alfred Rosenbloom Jr., MA, OD
Professor Emeritus - Deceased
Derrald Taylor OD, MS
Professor Emeritus