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Admission to Illinois College 
of Optometry

There are many reasons to choose ICO: our clinic, our great city, but more than any other reason, students choose ICO to be part of a community that has dedicated itself to the well-being of our patients. At ICO you will have a lasting impact.
Our patient population will prepare you to diagnose and treat whatever cases you encounter as a practicing doctor of optometry. Throughout your time at ICO your patients will be your best teachers. Learn all that you can for them and from them.

Exclusively optometry for optimum education

Our curriculum is developed by optometrists for optometrists.

We are exclusively optometry because we believe that by specializing, we can best prepare you for anything you may encounter as a Doctor of Optometry. 

In the heart of Chicago

In the Heart of Chicago.

In minutes you can be downtown. This city is brimming with cultural events and food. It's a great place to call home.

Located where we can do the most good

Our location is inentional.

Here, we have a significant impact by providing exceptional care to an underserved community.

We can't wait to see you at ICO.

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What I love about ICO is the community of students and professors who really have your back. Everyone ... wants you to succeed. There's no competition between students because we all want to be the best doctors we can be.

- Kashifa Ansari, OD '23
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