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Get a view from the inside.

ICO’s student blog offers real perspectives from all four years of optometry school. Our talented writers tackle everything from Chicago’s CTA and coffee shops to honest reflections on patient care. These voices provide a true view of ICO that can’t be found anywhere else. Read through some of the most recent posts below, and picture yourself at ICO!

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  • First Week Back in Chicago: What I Ate

    The first week back at school after any break is always challenging, but after you have been away for three quarters, the adjustment is even harder.…

    March 2018
  • Reigniting My Gaming Passion

    As the quarter break comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the many things I’ve done this past week in this rejuvenating downtime. I’ve actually…

    March 2018
  • An Optometry Externship at the VA

    This quarter I have been in Florida, The Sunshine State, enjoying the beach when it is warm enough. During the day, I spend my time surrounded…

    February 2018
  • How to Survive KMK Weekend

    It’s my turn. Boards are just around the corner. In optometry school, the NBEO exams come in three parts. The first part, a test of your…

    February 2018
  • ICO vs. Other Optometry schools

    During fourth year at ICO, you meet tons of optometry students from other schools at your rotations. At both my first and third sites, we had…

    February 2018