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ICO Beginnings

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

This year, as every year before, we welcomed a brand-new class to ICO. The Class of 2026 has now gone through move-in day, several days of orientation and has already taken their first exam! (As you all know, things move very quickly here at ICO.)

ICO’s Class of 2026 competing in the ICO Olympics (Held August 20th). It rained intermittently throughout the day, but as you can see, the students still had tons of fun!

We asked our newest students what their top school was and if it was ICO, why they chose ICO. We wanted to share a few of their thoughts. We thought they might resonate with you as well:

ICO was my first choice from the very beginning. Based on my mentors and learning about the clinical experience was a huge factor for me. Also the staff played a big role in my decision as well

ICO - most prominent, most professional, oldest, most distinguished.

ICO because of the determination from faculty and other students to help each other out in doing our best.

Everyone was so welcoming, and I felt comfortable here.

Incoming first years interacting with our second-year orientation ambassadors. Much of orientation is led by our orientation leaders who play an essential role in guiding our newest class through the next few difficult months.

The Class of 2026 participating in one of our newer ICO traditions: Paint n’ Sip. There’s no better way to become oriented to the city than by painting it!

We also asked them when they knew ICO was right for them:

After the interview day. I walked out and the whole event had me hooked.

Interview day, immediately. The faculty and students were diverse and extremely friendly. They seemed like people who were already like me and my friends, or people I would want to become friends with.

I truly enjoy Chicago much more than most other cities.

"During orientation you didn't focus on the building, you focused on everything you were going to do to help me get through school. The other schools talked about their equipment. That's when I knew. No other school has a tutor program and that's so special to you guys and was a BIG part in drawing me in.

A more candid photo of our amazing orientation team leaders.

In terms of key characteristics for choosing ICO, these too might sound familiar to you. Our amazing clinic remains the top reason to get an education from ICO, the city of Chicago comes in a close second, and in third, “I felt like I belonged here.”

We’re happy to have been able to welcome so many new faces this year, and we look forward to joining these new family members to the larger ICO family.

This year as well, we brought back the tradition of our pets giving some helpful advice to first years. Check out our favorites below!

Want More?

If you want to see more from this year’s orientation, we have an ICO Olympics album and a Move-in Day & Orientation Album.

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram reel recap as well as the very first takeover of Fall 2022! (this may require you to sign into Instagram!)


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