Content lets user "Picture Yourself Here"

Can we call this "Student Life" (common colloquialism) - And move it between "academic" and "clinical"??


> STORIES (student generated content!!!)

> ICO Olympics, Optometry Bowl, Talent Night, Class Profiles, BooBash, EyeBall, "work and play balance" - Baseball, chicago outings, eating in the cafeteria and yoga in the gym 

> See Dr Colip handout for good "food for thought"

STUDENT RESOURCES: "How does ICO support students"? 

> Ken's "FAQ" video clip; made at ICO interviews, etc. . .

> ICOPro; Kattouf Program; Success Center; Gym?; Cafateria?; last two = "campus tour"?)

> "ICO Knows Chicago" video shown at orientation? Or share "Bcak to school video" from last year, introducing all ICO Staff? (would also show "we have fun," and "lots to do around campus outside of class")

> Student Check List for 1st years?? or "guide to surviving the snow"? something "fun"?? 

QUESTION: Any "alumni stories"? A career development "section" or POS promotion?)

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