About ICO

Why ICO?

What do you want to be?

At the Illinois College of Optometry, we help you answer this question with one word: “Prepared.” We are committed to you, the student of optometry- not just the great doctor you will become, but the whole person you’re destined to be.

ICO is dedicated solely to optometry- and proud of it. Our top-notch faculty and 

courses promise to support you from day one. In your first year at ICO, you will get hands-on clinical experience with real patients in the Illinois Eye Institute. Imagine what you can achieve by Commencement.

At ICO, we do our best to cultivate lifelong collaborators. Our campus offers convenient space to live and study in- not to mention close proximity to the heart of Chicago. After graduation, the same teammates you explored the city with will become your lifelong colleagues.

So, WHY ICO? By the time you graduate, you will have a strong academic, clinical, and cultural foundation. Our students agree. See success from their perspective with our exam scorestestimonials, and student blog. Choose ICO, and you will be prepared- for optometry, for life.