The choice of a lifetime can be simple.

You’ve already chosen optometry. Now, it’s time to find the perfect place to earn your OD. Students from all over the world seek out ICO for our commitment to future optometrists. Our curriculum, clinical resources, alumni network, and student community all come together to prepare effective doctors. In short, we’re ready for you. We hope your next big choice is ICO.

If you’re interested in the ICO application process, please read through our Course RequirementsCost of Attendance, and How to Apply. We have plenty of information for International candidates, as well as individuals seeking Financial Aid. Of course, nothing beats a campus visit, so we hope to see you in Chicago soon!

We will do all we can to make your Admissions process smooth and stress-free. If you have any questions about application, please contact our Admissions office at or (312) 949-7400.

If you would like to receive informational materials in the mail, please fill out this form and we will mail them to you shortly.