Cost of Attendance

We believe that an education from the Illinois College of Optometry is a wise investment for your future. Dedicated solely to the student of optometry, ICO's full commitment is toward preparing you to reaching your goal of being an outstanding optometrist.

We know that making an informed choice is always important when considering any investment and we want to ensure you have the information you need.  While we share some of the highlights here, be sure to check out our Consumer Information to ensure you can explore all of the details you need.

2020-21 First Year Tuition and Fees: $44,336

In your first year, you can also expect living expenses (rent, food, transportation, health, personal, etc.) of approximately $2,000 per month. Projected equipment purchases total around $4,000. Your choices of living arrangements and equipment will determine the actual cost of these items. However, when we put together your financial aid, we do include a "living expense" component to assist with covering these costs, as well.

Sample Award

A large range of Financial Aid options are available for those that meet the US eligibility criteria. You may receive assistance from loans, work-study employment, and other opportunities. The below Sample Award is a realistic look at how to finance the first year of your ICO education:

$69,615 in Federal Aid

For more information, please visit our Financial Aid pages. Additional information about cost of attendance is available in our Consumer Information.

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