Financial Aid

At ICO, we recognize that by choosing to pursue your Doctor of Optometry degree, you are making an important investment in yourself and your future.  Our Financial Aid Office is here to assist you with attaining your goal in the most cost effective manner possible.  We know that managing student loans can feel very complicated so we work with you to ensure you understand your loans and the strategies you will use to repay them, while still being able to quickly get started in your career and life goals after graduation. Feel free to contact us directly at any time. We look forward to working with you through this important decision.

When you apply for admission, your application is automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarships. You do not need to apply separately. Scholarship recipients are notified by the Admission Office at time of acceptance.


Several types of financial aid and a variety of scholarships are available. To apply for US Federal Financial Aid (which includes Federal Work Study) and Direct Loans, you will only need to complete the FAFSA. Our school code is 001689. This form is available every October 1st for the upcoming Fall term. You will be asked to complete the FAFSA each year to renew your eligibility. If you are not sure if you are eligible, you can review the federal eligibility requirements to confirm that you qualify to receive financial aid.

After you complete your FAFSA, we will put together a financial aid package that covers your full estimated cost of attendance. For students eligible for US Federal Student Aid, you can expect that you will be able to fully cover your costs with work study and the Federal Student Loan programs. You should not need to seek out private loans, which are often more expensive over the life of your loans. We will identify all of the forms of Federal aid for which you qualify. If you have received a scholarship, you will see your award adjusted to include the scholarship. Your award will include Federal Work Study and Federal Student Loans.

Through the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid, you can access the FASFA application, information about Federal Aid options, loan management and repayment and other helpful information as you navigate your education.