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Giving & Legacy Societies

Moving ICO forward through planned giving and a lifetime of commitment.

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Giving Societies

The Lifetime Giving Societies recognize those alumni, friends and institutions whose cumulative gifts in support of the Illinois College of Optometry and the Illinois Eye Institute total $5,000 or more.

  • Visionary’s Club: $500,000 and above

  • Founder’s Club: $100,000 – $499,999

  • Chairman’s Club: $75,000 – $99,999

  • President’s Club: $50,000 – $74,999

  • Dean’s Club: $25,000 – $49,999

  • Benefactor’s Club: $10,000 – $24,999

  • Patron’s Club: $5,000 – $9,999

We are grateful to each of our donors for their generosity and recognize them as part of our Lifetime Giving Societies Honor Roll. For full details, please see our Annual Report.

The Legacy Society

Legacy Society members share the honor of having included the Illinois College of Optometry in their wills or estate plans. Through careful gift planning, these donors have made a significant impact on the future of ICO. Learn more here.

The Legacy Society Honor Roll

The Legacy Society honors individuals who participate in the Illinois College of Optometry’s planned giving program. Thank you to the following members, who have included ICO in their wills or estate plans.

  • Estate of Dolly Adams

  • Thomas E. Artley, OD

  • Frank E. Baldwin, OD

  • Jordon Beller, OD

  • Otto H. Bender, OD

  • Dr. and Mrs. Neil S. Boderman

  • John E. Brandt, OD, DOS

  • C. Richard Brewer, OD

  • Estate of Constance A. Bryniczka

  • Estate of Robert W. Bumbleburg, OD

  • Sandra L. Bury, OD

  • Richard P. Chlapecka, III, OD

  • Estate of Mary H. Condon

  • Wayne A. Covioux, OD

  • Estate of John Stephen Curtis, OD

  • Gregory R. Davis, OD

  • Max L. DeBolt, OD Trust

  • Mary B. Demetros Estate

  • The George Lloyd Demetros, OD and Mary B. Demetros Trust

  • Gurpreet K. Deol, OD

  • Robert Eastland, OD Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Dr. and Mrs. Dick Edwards

  • Robert L. Fait, OD

  • John P. Fitzpatrick, OD

  • Willard B. Glime, OD

  • Geoffrey W. Goodfellow, OD

  • Estate of Mary Gooding

  • Dwight E. Halligan, OD

  • Estate of Helen E. Hasiak

  • C. K. Hill, OD, DOS, PhD, ScD

  • Estate of Kenneth S. Holm, OD

  • Bradie O. Hopper, OD

  • George L. Jacober, OD

  • Kanode Family Trust

  • Yale C. Knight, OD

  • Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Kendrick

  • Estate of Ernest I. Kiekenapp

  • Millicent L. Knight, OD

  • Walter Kominsky, OD

  • Estate of Jessie Lofgren Kraft

  • Dr. Alan A. Mandel and Mrs. Rae F. Mandel

  • Marquardt Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Marie L. Miske Revocable Trust

  • Floyd D. Mizener, OD, DOS, PhD

  • Dr. Peter and Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson

  • Roland G. Peaslee

  • Richard T. Pedersen, OD

  • Estate of Elmer J. Pieper, OD

  • R. Elliot Politser, OD, DOS

  • Estate of Erma S. Quick

  • Franklin D. Reinhardt, OD

  • Robin C. Rinearson, OD

  • Elmer Z. Robinson, OD

  • Alfred A. Rosenbloom, Jr., OD, MA, DOS and Mrs. Sarah Rosenbloom

  • John N. Schoen, Jr., OD

  • Michael D. Schloss, OD

  • Delmar E. Spronk, OD

  • Estate of Dennis P. Steinhart, OD

  • Estate of Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Flora M. Thomas

  • Donald W. Turner, OD

  • Lawrence R. Vogel, OD

  • Estate of Ann B. Webb

  • Estate of Philip E. Wells

  • Howard I. Woolf, OD, DOS


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