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Events at Illinois College of Optometry

Throughout the year, our alumni and students come together. These are opportunities not only to connect or reminisce, but to network and to build out the strong ICO community, and most importantly to celebrate every stage of the optometric journey. 

White Coat Ceremony

This commemorates our students’ entry into the clinic. The donning of the white coat not only represents a shift in their education from didactic to more clinical, but also reinforces our commitment to the IEI’s patients. 

Practice Opportunities Symposium

There are so many paths you can take as an optometrist. Whatever you want to do, there is an ICO alum who has already done something similar. This is your day to connect and to learn from them. 

Explore Past Events

We have thousands of pictures uploaded to Flickr. Perhaps you'll even find yourself!


No day is quite as special to us as the day you become a Doctor of Optometry. After four hard years of intense work, we celebrate and recognize you on this momentous day.


There is no better way for alumni to reconnect than to attend one of our homecoming events. Held yearly, it gives you an opportunity to connect with both old and new faces. 
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