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Institution Grading

* Pages 34-35 of the Student Guide

Specific grading scales are the prerogative of the individual instructor. In the absence of an individual course grading scale, the College recommends a scale of: A = 93-100, A- = 90-92, B+ = 87-89, B = 83-86, B- = 80-82, C+ = 77-79, C = 73-76, C- = 70-72, D+ = 67-69, D = 65-66, F = <65 be applied. 

It is educationally desirable to provide each student with a consistent evaluation of his/her academic performance. It is therefore recommended to all instructors that the "C" range of grades should encompass the 70-79% interval and that the minimal acceptable performance (i.e. D) should be 65%. 

Grades issued by the Illinois College of Optometry are:

Grade Quality Points Description 










4.0 Excellent 



3.0 Above Satisfactory 






1.0 Minimum Passing 

0.0 Failure 








In Progress 





Advanced Standing 


No Credit 

*Applicable only to specifically identified courses. 

The grades I, S, U, H, W, AS, AU, IP and NC are not used for calculation of the student's grade point average. 

Special Grade Descriptions 

I = Course work is not complete. An incomplete grade is issued only when requirements specified in the course syllabus are not completed. An incomplete grade must be removed by the end of the second week of the following quarter (including Summer) or it will automatically be changed to an "F" or "U". Under extenuating circumstances, and only with the approval of the appropriate Assistant Dean or SPC (Student Promotions Committee), this time period may be extended up to one (1) year from the date the "I" grade is given. If an extension is granted, the I grade is temporarily replaced by an IP grade. 

W = Authorized withdrawal from the College through the 2nd week of the quarter. 

AS = Advanced Standing indicates that the student has been exempted from taking a course, as determined by the appropriate Assistant Dean, by virtue of having passed an equivalent course with a grade of "B" or above at another institution or having successfully passed a proficiency examination on this course work at ICO. 

AU = Audit course. 

NC = No credit issued when student is dismissed (Academic or Disciplinary) prior to the end of the quarter. 

Grade Reports 

The Office of the Registrar will not mail grade reports to students. Students may access their grades through 

Grade Notifications 

Grade notifications are made at the end of the quarter. Students should monitor their progress towards successful completion on an ongoing basis throughout the term. 

In clinical assignments, midterm grade notifications will be made for unsatisfactory progress to allow the student the opportunity to remediate their clinical performance before the conclusion of the term. 

The absence of such midterm notification does not preclude the possibility of course/clinic failure (i.e. due to failure of tests or lack of clinical progress subsequent to midterm). Each student shall, therefore, continue to monitor his/her progress throughout the academic term. 

Since the ability to continue in the program requires a quarterly and cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or higher, a grade below that level is considered unsatisfactory (C and below). 

A student who earns a failing grade (F or U) in any course must remediate that failing grade to continue in the program. The opportunity to remediate a failing grade, and the plan for how that may be accomplished, is granted/determined by the Student Promotions Committee. 

Instructors must submit final course/clinic grades to the Registrar's Office within three (3) College working days of the administration of their final examination or last day of clinic. 

If a student believes a grade has been assigned in error, he/she must notify the appropriate instructor within five (5) business days of the grade being submitted to the Registrar’s Office. If the student is unable to reach the instructor, he/she must contact the appropriate Assistant Dean. In the event the Assistant Dean is unavailable, the Associate Dean for Education should be consulted and ultimately the Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs. The instructor will verify the accuracy of the grade and must submit any grade changes to the Registrar’s Office within five (5) business days of being notified of the error. 

Students will receive official notices, academic-related or otherwise, via the student’s e-mail account and/or their on-campus mailbox. It is the student’s personal responsibility to check these communication sources for information, particularly toward the end of the quarter when final grade and academic status notifications are distributed. Additionally, increasing amounts of information, including access to grades, are available by logging-in to student’s personal accounts on the campus portal at 

Students are responsible for obtaining grade notification in accordance with the above timetable. It is the student's responsibility to be available to receive grades in a timely manner, including at the end of spring quarter prior to summer vacation or any of the vacation periods, and prior to leaving for externship rotations. This is of utmost importance as student academic standing, promotion and graduation may be significantly affected by delay on the student's part in procuring notice. The Student Promotions Committee will meet as soon as possible at the conclusion of each quarter to review student statuses. Students requesting reconsideration of an SPC decision should be available to meet regardless of indicated student vacation dates. 

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