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Lisa Young, OD '05

My Priorities

Lisa Young, OD ’05, started out as a “career woman.” She aspired to be the most knowledgeable clinician possible, specializing in glaucoma and taking leadership roles in professional organizations. Of course, she’s more than a clinician. Dr. Young has taken on many titles- world traveler, wife, mother, and mentor. She credits ICO with helping her have it all.

The complex cases Dr. Young saw in the Illinois Eye Institute prepared her for the job she has today. At Chicago Glaucoma Consultants, she works on everything from urgent care to post-ops. “Every day feels a little bit different,” she says. No matter what each day brings, though, Dr. Young is always prepared.


When she and her husband decided to start a family, Dr. Young’s work-life balance shifted. “Our needs have changed,” she says. As a trusted, essential part of her workplace, Dr. Young was empowered to take a step back for family.


“We all have different passions, different priorities, different loves,” says Dr. Young. By being made at ICO, she can pursue the things she values most.

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