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Course Requirements

Below are the minimum college-level pre-optometry courses required for admission to ICO. Completion of additional science coursework, particularly human-based biological science coursework, is strongly recommended. Only grades of C or higher will be accepted for prerequisite courses.

ICO will accept Advanced Placement courses for the prerequisites as long you received the appropriate number of credit hours. The courses must appear on your official college transcript. If your college or university does not show this information on the official transcript, you will need to have a letter sent to us from your registrar documenting the AP credits awarded.

Course Minimum Semester Hours Minimum Quarter Hours
English Composition/Literature
Or similar graded non-remedial writing courses. One course in public speaking is acceptable.
6 9
College Calculus
Pre-calculus is not acceptable.
3 4.5
Business statistics is not recommended. Psychology statistics or biostatistics are acceptable.
3 4.5
Biology with Laboratory
General biology, physiology, zoology and comparative anatomy are all acceptable. Botany does not apply.
6 9
Microbiology with Laboratory
Bacteriology is also acceptable.
3 4.5
General Chemistry with Laboratory
Inorganic Chemistry is also acceptable.
6 9
Organic Chemistry
Laboratory is not required.
3 4.5
Physics with Laboratory
The sequence does not need to be calculus-based.
6 9
Both introductory and upper-level psychology courses are acceptable.
3 4.5
Social Science
Economics, political science, anthropology, sociology or an additional psychology course are acceptable.
3 4.5

Recommended elective courses include:

biochemistry, cellular biology, human anatomy, physiology, genetics, computer science, business, economics, sociology, public speaking and additional psychology courses.