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International Acceptance

International students who are selected for admission to the program must present proof of financial responsibility by June 15 of the year of admission. Proof of financial responsibility is documentation that adequate funds exist for the candidate’s first year of study. An estimated cost of attendance can be obtained from Student Financial Services by March of the planned enrollment year. Evidence of financial responsibility will allow the College to issue the student an I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility) which must be presented to the US Consular Office in the home country (or, for Canadian citizens, at the port of entry/Canadian border) to apply for an F-1 nonimmigrant visa.

The following documents are used to apply for an F-1 Visa:

• Form I-20 AB
• Evidence of English ability
• Evidence of intent to depart the US after completion of studies
• Passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected stay
• Financial support documentation
• Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee receipt 

In addition, the Department of Homeland Security regulations require that individuals seeking status as an F-1 nonimmigrant student pay a $200 fee to cover the costs for the continued operation of the Student Exchange Visitor Program, including the administration and maintenance of SEVIS. Student and exchange visitors will have the options to pay with a check by mail or with a credit card via the Internet. The DHS will also accept fee payment from a third party, either in the US or abroad. For current SEVIS fee information, please refer to the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement website.