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In the Classroom
at Illinois College of Optometry

We know that you are coming to ICO well prepared. We also know there is a lot more to learn before you can provide the best possible care to your patients. Your clinical and classroom experience will challenge you, but we will work hard to ensure that you are prepared at every step of the way.

We prepare you to diagnose and manage both common and rare conditions.

Every year as your knowledge and experience grows, the conditions you treat will become more complex. Your education will prepare you to identify and treat anything from common refractive issues to rare sight threatening diseases.

You will have the support you need.

We recognize that optometry school can be challenging. We want to make sure that throughout your optometric journey, you have the support you need: whether for tutoring or venting.

Four Years in Four Courses



Applied Ocular Anatomy


In Ocular Anatomy, you will learn the ins and outs of the eye. No Doctor of Optometry can treat diseases without having a full understanding of the eye’s anatomy. This course serves as the basis for all of your subsequent ocular disease courses. 

Clinical Methods & Procedures IV 

Taken in the Fall Quarter of your Second Year, this course teaches you the fundamentals of examining the health of the eye from front to back.


POP 262.1

We prepare you for the most advanced scope of practice, and this course instructs you in the use of laser procedures and surgical techniques relevant to optometric eyecare.

Ophthalmic Lasers & Surgical Procedures



Clinical Methods & Procedures IV



Resident Rounds during IEI Patient Care Rotation

Your fourth year is all practical. Externships will take you all over the US and the world, but a portion of your fourth year will be spent in the IEI where you can participate in Resident Rounds. During Resident Rounds, you'll learn about hallmark cases picked from real IEI patients that our residents and attendings have treated.


NBEO Pass Rates

ICO students score above the national pass rate average on the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. You can see pass rates from the last four years by clicking the button.

ICO Faculty

AAO 2021 Poster - AuBrian ICO 23 SimeonRenata ICO 24 - AdamsS Wlyes E Faculty.JPG

Research at ICO

Year over year, research at ICO has grown tremendously. Now there are opportunities at every stage of your optometric journey. As always, the quality of our clinic allows us to stand out amongst our peers.
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