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Student Resources

Helping you succeed at ICO



ICO’s Student Success Initiatives

For nearly all students, professional studies catalyze several personal and academic transitions. The Student Success Program provides resources to aid in your continued growth through these transitions.  


The Student Success Center offers resources to improve your performance across a spectrum of learning styles and goals.  


They also support students who learn differently.  If you are a student who experiences disabilities that impact your learning, we want to ensure that reasonable  accommodations are in place to create a level playing field for optimal learning.  



It is very common to get a tutor at ICO. ICO tutors are upper-level students who have done well in the course they tutor. They are very flexible, so you’ll get to choose what you want to review and how you want to review it!

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Mental Health

All ICO student have access to multifaceted mental wellness resources through BeWell@ICO and Talk Campus regardless of where they are. 


The program includes 24/7 tele-support, online and in-person counseling, a wellness information hub, mindfulness app (Headspace), and a virtual self-paced iCBT program called SilverCloud.


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching at ICO is offered by upper-level students. They’re there for all sorts of peer guidance whether academic or just as a sounding board. The Academic Coaches create a non-judgmental space where you can ask hard questions or just vent.

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ICO Connects

Our ICO Connects Program matches every first-year student in small groups with a faculty member. Your ICO Connects faculty member acts as a mentor and builds rapport with you, tracks your academic performance, and offers ‘right on time’ support/recommendations for improvement. Your ICO Connects faculty member is more than just an academic advisor, they’re here to support you as you develop into a professional within optometry.  

Beth Karmis, Assistant Dean for Student Success

Beth Karmis facilitates all the programs listed above, but also routinely meets with students about any issues related to student life and academic performance. Ms. Karmis connects students directly to existing programs or help identify other resources. 


Ms. Karmis also serves as the College’s ADA Coordinator for students who experience conditions that may impact their access to the ICO program.   

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