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In Memoriam – Ruth A. Trachimowicz, OD, PhD, FAAO

In Memoriam

Associate Professor


It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Ruth A. Trachimowicz, OD, PhD, FAAO. Better known as “Dr. T” to students, she will be remembered as one of the Illinois College of Optometry’s most beloved faculty members. Dr. T first came to ICO in 1987 to teach Human Anatomy. As Associate Professor, she eventually taught a variety of basic health science courses and optometry laboratories, and provided patient care in the Primary Care Service.

Dr. T was a major influence on ICO students for 30 years. In 2016, she won an Excellence in Education Award from the ICO Alumni Association, and was chosen by students for the First Year Teacher of the Year Award. The ICO faculty recently voted to permanently name the First Year Teacher of the Year award in her honor.

Dr. T will be remembered fondly as an outstanding teacher with high expectations for her students, a mentor to both students and junior faculty, a beloved colleague, and a dear friend to the ICO community.


1987-2017  Illinois College of Optometry
1981-85  New York College of Osteopathic Medicine


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