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Cost of Attendance

Discover ways to fund your O.D.



We recognize each student's financial situation is unique to them. Together, we will build a customized solution that will work for your financial needs. Throughout your time at ICO, we work with you to understand your loans and educate you on repayment strategies for a manageable repayment process following graduation.


By choosing to pursue a Doctor of Optometry degree, you are making an important investment in yourself and your future. We understand the process of funding your education can feel complicated and overwhelming, but we are committed to assisting our students with receiving an education in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Sample Estimated Direct Program Costs

Additional Budgetary Items to Consider

We want to ensure your financial aid covers your expenses. You may or may not incur these costs, but they are considered allowable education expenses that financial aid is able to cover. Because of that in most of our financial aid award estimates we also include the following costs: 

These costs are not exclusive to ICO. When choosing an optometry school, make sure to ask about these potential costs.

Sample Financial Aid Award

You can expect your financial aid award to match your cost of attendance.

To see a complete 4-year cost analysis estimate, click this link. If you want help refining this estimate to your particular situation, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at any time.


Office of Financial Aid



Illinois College of Optometry

Office of Financial Aid

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