ICO Scholarships

When you apply for admission, your application is automatically evaluated for scholarship consideration. You do not need to complete any additional forms to be considered for these scholarships.

While scholarship opportunities for incoming students are highly competitive, ICO students have exclusive access to nearly a half-million dollars in scholarships and awards that the College distributes each year. The following scholarships are offered exclusively by ICO to incoming students; please note that applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships during the admissions process, and early applicants receive greater consideration.

Presidential Scholarship

Presidential Scholarships are renewable scholarships, valued at half tuition. They are highly competitive and very limited. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic performance at the undergraduate level and academic promise for a professional education, possess a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, an OAT score of 350 or higher, and exhibit the ability to contribute significantly to the ICO community and the optometric profession. A 3.4 cumulative ICO GPA is required for renewal each year.

Trustees Scholarship

The Trustees Scholarship was established to encourage outstanding students to select ICO as their school of choice for professional education. The award amounts vary based on the available funds in a given year. A 3.2 cumulative GPA is required for renewal.

ICO Scholarship for Underrepresented Populations

This scholarship was established to encourage students from underrepresented minority populations to pursue a career in optometry. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic performance at the undergraduate level and academic promise for professional education, a professional demeanor, high ethical standards and integrity, and the ability to contribute significantly to the ICO community and the optometric profession. Upon being selected to interview at ICO, candidates should notify the Admissions Department of their interest in being considered for this scholarship. A limited number of these $7,000 scholarships are awarded annually. Maintaining good academic standing is required for renewal.

Illinois Optometric Education Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to two Illinois residents who have demonstrated academic merit and who plan to practice in Illinois after graduation. A 3.0 cumulative ICO GPA is required for renewal.

African American Scholarship

This one-time scholarship is offered to an African American student who demonstrates academic performance and leadership qualities.


In addition, ICO tracks more than 100 public scholarships and awards that are available to our currently enrolled students. These opportunities are always shared first with students and can be pursued further with the Office of Student Affairs.

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