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You’ve already chosen optometry, but not all ODs are created equal. ICO remains exclusively focused on the student of optometry. Our specialized program, esteemed faculty, and iconic clinical experience will best prepare you to practice in the real world.

The Illinois Eye Institute, our on-site clinic, offers a training experience like no other. This facility elevates eye care to a world-class level. ICO provides students with unmatched patient volume, complexity, and diversity in the heart of Chicago. Our graduates gain skills and confidence they can take anywhere… and we have proof.

For 145 years, ICO alumni have been choosing many paths in many places. All of them are changing the profession, the lives of their patients, and the world for the better. Here are just a few of their stories.

Success stories like these are made at ICO. Start today by connecting with one of over 8,000 alumni.

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