Dr. Newton K. Wesley Foundation Supports New ICO Myopia Study

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The Illinois College of Optometry has signed an agreement with the Dr. Newton K. Wesley Foundation to support a new research project. ICO will be studying the effects of orthokeratology on slowing the progression of myopia. This study hopes to expand potential application of orthokeratology to a novel population, African American school-aged children.

Lee Wesley, DMin, president of the NKWF, signed the official document at ICO on October 19, 2016. Also in attendance on behalf of the Foundation were Roy Wesley, OD, PhD, and Victoria Granacki, MS. The individuals overseeing the project at ICO will be Drs. Yi Pang, Valerie Kattouf, and Jennifer Harthan. Research will take place in the Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence within the Illinois Eye Institute.

We thank the Dr. Newton K. Wesley Foundation for its support, and look forward to how this research could benefit the lives of young patients.

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