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ICO Strategic Plan

We're focused on you.

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The mission of Illinois College of Optometry is to develop highly qualified clinical optometrists through excellence in optometric education who will strive to ‘seek that all will receive optimal healthcare’.



Committed to your vision, ICO strives to advance and innovate the optometric profession, excellence in education and patient-centered care.



Scholarship: contribute to the body of scientific knowledge by fostering life-long learning among our students, faculty and staff and providing evidence-based patient care.

Service to the Community: through the provision of comprehensive eye health and vision services to all our communities.

Creativity and Innovation: through continued creativity and innovation in cultivating
intellectual curiosity in education, patient care and research to transform society.

Inclusiveness: so that all members of the campus community respect and promote
diversity, equity and inclusion and the contribution each member makes.

Ethics and Professionalism: deep conviction to the integrity of the institution and
the dignity of all its people in everything we do to maximize the skills of all constituents for the betterment of the entire institution.

Leadership: develop and empower effective leaders that serve our institution,
our patients, our communities, our profession, and our world.


  • ICO will recruit and retain highly qualified students.

  • ICO will provide our graduates with the requisite skills and knowledge to pursue
    career paths of their choosing and become leaders/innovators within the profession.


  • ICO will provide an environment that supports and values all members of our community and the contributions they make.

  • ICO will employ financial strategies that advance the mission of the College.

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