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Leadership Team

Advancing the College's mission and our community commitment


Dr. Mark K. Colip is Illinois College of Optometry's sixth president. Thanks to his values, passion, and vision, ICO’s Board of Trustees unanimously appointed Dr. Colip as the right president for this period in ICO’s history. He has worked closely with three previous presidents and has been involved in many phases of ICO's development. Leading up to his 2019 inauguration, Dr. Colip served at ICO for over 25 years. Today, he leads our efforts to advance the College’s mission as we progress toward ICO’s 150th anniversary in 2022.

Presidential Challenge Coin


Each person who attended ICO’s 2019 Presidential Inauguration received an exclusive challenge coin. This memento not only commemorates the event, but also acts as a reminder of the recipient’s connections to the Illinois College of Optometry.

Challenge coins are carried by groups of people who share special memories, causes, or ideologies. Dr. Colip’s Presidential challenge coin is a tangible reminder that, no matter where life takes us, all members of the ICO family remain connected in kindness and integrity.

Leadership Team


Mark Colip, OD



Stephanie Messner, OD, FAAO
Vice President and
Dean for Academic Affairs


Daniel Ren, MBA, CPA

Chief Operating Officer,
Illinois Eye Institute


Maggie Lopez
Chief Executive Assistant, Office of the President and Board of Trustees


Erik Mothersbaugh, OD, FAAO
Dean of Student Affairs


Leonard Messner, OD, FAAO
Vice President for Strategy and Institutional Advancement

Christa Ojeda Final.jpg

Christa Ojeda, CPA

Vice President for Business and Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Board of Trustees

Dwight H. Akerman, OD '80, MBA, FAAO, Chairman
Fort Worth, Texas

Vasvi A. Babu, OD '93
Scottsdale, Arizona

Sandra Bury, OD '95

Oak Lawn, Illinois

Kevin A. Danahey, OD '91

Granger, Indiana

Joseph L. Derezinski, MS
Chicago, Illinois

Thomas V. Duchardt, FAAO

Naples, Florida

Karen A. Eng, OD
North Barrington, Illinois

Dwain L. Hahs, Treasurer
Jackson, Missouri

Col. Philip J. Hasler, OD '86

Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Casey L. Hogan, OD '97

Oak Lawn, Illinois


Scott A. Jens, OD '91, FAAO, Vice Chairman

Madison, Wisconsin

Jeffrey D. Johnson, OD '97, MBA
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Osvaldo I. Lopez, MD
Chicago, Illinois

Steven P. Lee, OD ‘07, MBA

Barrington, Illinois

C. Michael LoPiano, MBA
Chicago, Illinois

Roberto Lucca, OD '87

Phoenix, Arizona

Tracy L. Matchinski, OD '95, FAAO

Chicago, Illinois

Nana Owusu, OD '08, Secretary
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Steven Schneider
Chicago, Illinois

Timothy H. Tsang, OD '06, FAAO

Vaughan, Ontario


Student Representative

Karli Clark, '25

Emeritus Trustees

James R. Butler, OD '59
Atlantis, Florida

Donovan L. Crouch, OD '63, FAAO
Storm Lake, Iowa

Robert L. Fait, OD '68

Burlington, Wisconsin

Jeff Smith, OD '83, MBA

Chicago, Illinois

Past Presidents

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