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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

One of the things we love most about ICO is ICO's diversity. We have many LatinX and Hispanic employees especially in the IEI. So we asked them, how do you celebrate your heritage and what do you think makes ICO special? Here are their responses. Thanks to all who shared a bit of their culture with us.


Martha Boyd

"Personally, we just have a small get together with our family since Mexican Independence Day is also my mom's birthday. We like to have all 'Mexican Antojitos' which is tacos, tostadas and booze of course, lol."


Rosalia Valencia

"We have big family gatherings and we make lots of food."


Devon Mendez

"Partying, eating and drinking adult drinks. I believe it's important to celebrate to embrace your family background."


Martha Seyffert

"Family gatherings, food, music and dancing. It reminds me of all the sacrifices my parents and grandparents made to give me and all my family members born in the United States a better life."


Jose Rodriguez

"I celebrate Heritage Month United with the family by getting together all at one house, eating and dancing all night until sunrise!! It lets us all know that we matter in this world!!"


We also asked them what they thought made ICO special. Here are a few things they said:

"The fact that we are all a big family, and just like with any family some of us are more talkative than others." :)

"All the paid time we get off to spend time with our loved ones."

"The food and drinks when we are celebrated for appreciation week."

"Patient care and all the people that work at ICO."

Thanks everyone for sharing your traditions! It was fun to learn a bit more about how you celebrate your heritage, and it made us very hungry!


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