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Catch up on the latest happenings at ICO.

ICO Launches New Website

ICO is always at the forefront of new technology, whether in the clinic, in the classroom, or online. Many of you may be familiar with our website, but did you know ICO has other websites as well, including, and

ICO has added an exciting addition to our family of websites, Created to attract, engage and educate prospective students, our newest website is full of helpful information and tools for those aspiring to become doctors of optometry.

Featured on the website are sections pertaining to:

  • Optometry as a Career

  • Life in Chicago

  • The ICO Difference

  • Making a Difference

  • 360 degree Virtual Tour of Campus

The website is full of interesting videos of ICO students and alumni who share their experiences and helpful tips. Patient testimonials are also featured.

And the 360 virtual campus tour is a must-see. It will definitely bring back memories of campus life!

If you know anyone who might be interested in the healthcare professions, or optometry specifically, please lead them to for lots of great info.

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