ICO Takes a Bold Step: Pursues Joint Commission Accreditation for Illinois Eye Institute

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

ICO president Arol Augsburger, OD, announced today that the Illinois College of Optometry is pursuing Joint Commission accreditation for the Illinois Eye Institute:

ICO would become the first and only optometry school—making IEI the only provider fully dedicated to eye and vision care in Chicago—to have this notable designation. We have excellent data that supports the high quality of our academic program and this accreditation would prove up the top quality of our clinical facility. We are mindful that patients have choices in eye and vision care services.  Joint Commission accreditation will be our symbol to current and future patients about the quality of care they can expect at the Illinois Eye Institute.

Joint Commission accreditation is voluntary and considered the gold standard for patient quality and safety throughout the nation. The road to accreditation will present some challenges and may shift the way we do a few things, but I know we can do it together. Michael Butz will be our project leader on this, so please reach out to him if there are any questions.

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