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In-House Pharmacy to be Built

A significant upgrade is coming to the Illinois Eye Institute. Shortly after Thanksgiving, construction will begin on the Bronzeville Pharmacy. This in-house facility will serve our community from inside our own clinic.

The Bronzeville Pharmacy project is the result of extensive research. Explains Dr. Dominick Opitz, “Patients and the ICO community have asked for this for a long time.” The numbers support his assertion. When surveyed, 73% of patients said they would fill their eye prescriptions in-house. Additionally, 61% said they would use such a facility for “any prescription whatsoever-” not just eye-related medication.

The Bronzeville Pharmacy could improve chronic patients’ quality of life. Says Dr. Opitz, “The longer the length of time between one office visit to the next, the greater the risk the patient won’t utilize their medications properly.” An in-house pharmacy will hopefully encourage patients to fill and use their prescriptions immediately.

The pharmacy’s planned location is affectionately known as “The Vault.” It is past the main IEI reception desk, toward Cornea. At the point where the hall makes a “T” shape, the pharmacy will be in the corner. Check out the space in-person for a better picture of the site, and stay tuned for further updates on the Bronzeville Pharmacy. A public announcement will follow.

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