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Summer Quarter Dean’s List

The following students earned a spot on the dean’s list for the summer quarter of the 2013-14 school year by achieving a quarterly GPA of 3.5 or better and earning no grade below a B or H (honors) in all patient care courses:

Third Year

Anderson, Elisabeth Boettcher, Brittany Boyle, Brad Chan, Adrienne Chawla, Harsh Crampton, Nicole Cullen, Stephanie Encarnacao, Cayley Fiedler, Jacie Fisher, Claire Fridman, Alla Gagnon, Erica Gami, Yesha Guardiola, Bianca Haghani, Sara Hake, Amanda Han, Mengli Hanneman, Angela Ibrahim, Fatima Jaros, Joelle Jawdi, Ammar Keding, Amy Khan, Majid Kusek, William LaLiberte, Stephanie Lemke, Jenna Locy-Fowler, Chelsea McHugh, Caitlyn McLaughlin, Mallory Minnix, Julie Paek, Helen Patel, Eva Petkov, Zory Pukhovich, Irina Quan, Steven Roghair, Christopher Rosenberg, Jamie Sadler, Anna Sayed, Saher Scanlon, Brianne Solomon, Stratton Steinberg, Olivia Tam, Sally Varney, Kelly Vizza, Elizabeth Vuong, Joanna Wilczek, Margaret Wozny, Natalie Yi, Eunice Fourth Year

Allenstein, Curran Andrews, Kristie Bartolini, Alyssa Batalo, Dillon Berkowitz, Rachel Blood-White, Christi Bohn, Briana Boudreau, Amanda Broek, John Bugajski, Christopher Burtch, Robert Chan, Jaime Chatha, Manmeet Cheema, Mandeep Choi, Joann Choi, Young Choy, Alexander Dave, Forum Doyle, Brian Drossman, Amy Du, Jessica Finch, Ashley Frizzle, Kinzy Hammond, Paul He, Pearl Hemann, Susan Holcomb, Jennifer Holland, Zachary Holmberg, Kathrine Hueske, Megan Hui, Ian Jass, Ryan Johnson, Tyah Kampschneider, Jenna Katsikos, Ashley Kazmer, Krista Kitzmann, Eric Koutnik, Edward Kruthoff, Christopher Kwan, Stephanie Le, Vy Lewis, Jessica Madriaga, Jayson Marquez, Mark Matz, Milana Menos, Jonathan Metz, Caitlin Morales, Allison Nangia, Ankit Nguyen, Xuan Nguyen Omidghaemi, Sepideh Ovitsky, Erwin Palmer, Brett-Ashley Patel, Dixit Patel, Shreya Peachey, Tayler Polster, Samantha Rai, Harminder Rice, Samantha Ritter, Andrew Robbins, Agnieszka Rogers, Jenna Russell, Michael Ryba, Michelle Satchithanantham, Nir Schad, Jason Schaefer, Angella Servi, Michael Sorenson, Emily Spalding, Melissa Spoula, Melissa Swenson, Jami Tailor, Krupa Tholen, Ashley Toader, Maria Trivedi, Sonal Tsiganenko, Yana Tylka, Barbara Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh, Meghan Weinfurter, Cassandra Wong, Lisa Zielinski, Patricia

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