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Alumni Association

Our largest alumni organization

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Upon graduating, every student at the Illinois College of Optometry automatically becomes a member of the ICO Alumni Association. Membership is free and includes graduates of our legacy institutions - the Northern Illinois College of Optometry (NICO,) Chicago College of Optometry (CCO,) and Monroe College of Optometry (MCO.) 

Alumni Association Scholarship

The Alumni Association Scholarship was initiated by the ICO Alumni Council in 2011. Since that time 23 scholarships have been awarded to 4th year students. 


Each year, the ICO Alumni Council asks 4th year students to submit an essay describing their service and leadership while an ICO student. They also include how they will continue to lead and serve ICO and the optometric profession as an alumnus. 


Additionally, a portion of the scholarship funds are offered to an admission candidate to help ICO recruit the best and brightest students into our entering class each fall.​ 

All funds have been generously donated by alumni. If you would like to help a student, please visit our giving page and select "Alumni Association Scholarship" from the drop down menu. Thank you! 

2021 Scholarship Recipients


Lester Efianayi, OD '21

"Optometry has provided me with a platform, and I will continue to use it to reach and inspire young Black men and women to pursue a career in optometry."


Kimberly Fazio, OD '21

"I have grown into a professional and a confident leader, all thanks to my mentors here."


Rabab Rafique, OD '21

"I also hope to continue making an impact within the ICO community by joining the Alumni Ambassador Program and attending events as an alumnus."


Randi-Jo Francis, OD '21

"There are no words for the impact this community has had on my educational career, but I can only hope for more opportunities to stay part of it."

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