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Find the place you belong.

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You have two options when choosing housing in Chicago: living at the RC or living off campus. 

Living at the Residential Complex

There is no more convenient place to live than the RC. Located directly across the street from ICO, you will have direct access to ICO facilities just a few steps away.

Especially for first- and second-year students, the RC provides a terrific opportunity to get to know your class better. Throughout the year, many events are organized by the RC team. 

Most first-year students start by living in a suite with other first-year students and if they choose to stay, move upstairs to private apartments during their second and third years. Some students even choose to stay in the RC all four years!


ICO partners with IIT to provide dining options for our students. Their cafeteria is about a three minute walk from ICO. Students who live in a single or large single room in a suite are required to enroll IIT's Block230 meal plan.

2024-25 ROOM RATES

Rates listed per person, per academic quarter

Housing in Chicago

For those who want a bit of distance between work and home or those who are moving to the city with a partner or a furry friend, there are many options to rent as well. Most students will choose to live in one of three areas: around ICO (the Bronzeville neighborhood), in Bridgeport, the nearest neighborhood to ICO, or in the South Loop (downtown!) 

If you come from the east or west coast, rent is usually more affordable in Chicago. If you come from a smaller town, you may find the rental prices high in Chicago. For its size, Chicago is a relatively inexpensive city. 

Chicago has a great public transit system that is a great way to travel and avoid traffic jams.  For those commuting via car, your search can be expanded, but you can expect a significant commute as streets in Chicago get crowded, especially during rush hour. 

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