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The Residential Complex

Home can be right next door.



There really is no more convenient place to live than the RC! We offer up to 200 students a friendly atmosphere and easy access to all of ICO’s amenities. You can study with colleagues in lounges or the computer lab. When it’s time for a break, fire up the grill or simply lounge on the patio or sun deck.


Find your home away from home.


The R.C. is just across the street from ICO. So you'll never be late to those 8:00 a.m. exams!

The first three floors of the RC contain suites, with three students living in each. Every suite has a single bedroom, a double bedroom, and a large, shared bathroom.


The RC’s fourth floor features one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. These are a popular choice for upper classmen.


There are lots of places to relax throughout the RC. Some of our students’ favorite haunts include the rooftop terrace and the pool table.


Living in the RC is a great way for students to get to know each other during their 1st year. Not only does it provide ample opportunity for you to interact with your class, the RC also organizes dozens of outings throughout the city. There’s always something to do!

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