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Illinois Eye Institute, located steps from the lecture center, is our clinic. As a student, you will rotate through the various service areas from primary eye care to various specialty areas. 


As part of our community, we have served generations of patients and their families. They bring with them medically complex cases that provide you with the opportunity to see the pathologies that you’re studying in class. In the IEI, you have a chance to make a difference every day in the lives our patients. 



Illinois Eye Institute is one of the largest eye care providers in the United States.The field and scope of optometry is growing and we make sure we stay focused on preparing you to practice in your chosen specialty area. 


We’ve gathered some of our students and faculty to offer a close, personal look at ICO’s clinical experience:

Complex Pathology

Sabreen Onallah's first case in clinic allowed her to see firsthand a rare and complex pathology. Every day in the clinic presents new opportunities to learn.

Confidence in Our Doctors

Colin Lee, shares his experience in the Accelerated Clinical program. This program gives you the opportunity to further expand your clinical experience.

Leaders in Our Community

Dr. Leonard Messner, OD is a member of our administration and also specializes in neuro-opthalmic disease, one of the many clinical aspects you will come across at IEI.
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