Serve your community.

During their four years at ICO, our students give back to the city of Chicago. Faculty and future ODs come together to offer vision care to the underrepresented and underserved. Here are just a few ways ICO students reach out:

Chicago Public Schools

The IEI’s school-based eye clinic, located inside Princeton Elementary School, is the largest school-based eye clinic in the nation. It provides needed eye health and vision care to thousands of underserved CPS students. Services include eye exams, vision therapy, visual information processing testing, optical coherence tomography, and anterior and posterior segment photos, and eye-movement testing.


Junior Olympics

The IEI sponsors sports vision screenings for the Junior Olympic games each summer. ICO students and faculty evaluate each athlete’s visual system in relation to his or her particular sport.


Special Olympics

The IEI is also the official provider of eye care for the Special Olympics. ICO students and faculty attend the Opening Eyes and Medfest vision screenings each year and, working with several sponsoring ophthalmic organizations, provide protective eyewear and glasses to athletes free of charge.


Vision Screenings

The IEI provides free vision screening services at schools and events in the Chicagoland area. For more information, please contact Dr. Katie Foreman.