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Retina 20/20

ICO upholds strong relationships with many academic and medical institutions in the Chicago area. One of these partnerships was seen in full effect on Sunday, January 26, when ICO hosted the inaugural Retina 20/20 Continuing Education Symposium. This innovative event was a collaboration with the University of Chicago. Approximately 325 doctors attended Retina 20/20 to earn 6 hours of CE credit. Throughout the day, OD and MD pairs presented lectures and case studies on vitreoretinal disorders. Dr. Larry Van Daalen, one of the attendees, called the content "very current." He felt it was "excellent that [we were] able to combine the best of ICO with University of Chicago doctors." ICO President Dr. Mark Colip was particularly impressed with the College's efforts. He writes, "Thanks to the efforts of many, ICO was able to collaborate with the University of Chicago Department of Ophthalmology and offer world-class CE... The planning and logistics of such a program are extensive. Many thanks to Dr. Len Messner and team, with special thanks to Elizabeth Grantner, the entire team of speakers, and folks pitching in to welcome our guests and participants."

participants in ICO continuing education event retina 2020
Retina 2020 participants

We hope to host even more unique collaborations and CE courses in the future. If there is an educational topic you would find enriching, or if you have any questions regarding Retina 20/20, please reach out to Elizabeth Grantner.

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