The Cafeteria

Who's hungry?

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With so much going on during your degree, it’s good to have a place close by to grab a bite to eat. The cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have the choice to get a meal plan or to pay as you go. One of the best times to visit the cafeteria is during exams when popcorn is given out for free and sometimes, they even have free ice cream!


The most convenient place to grab a meal.


For breakfast, lunch and dinner you will the choice of a buffet style meal which includes your choice of protein + two sides. Psst… if nothing appeals, the staff can also whip up a couple of surprises.


During the pandemic, there was limited capacity in the lunchroom, but as things have been moving back to normal, you will find more and more students eating in the cafeteria.


Our cafeteria staff do a great job of making you feel welcome. It’s not uncommon for our students and cafeteria workers to be on a first name basis with one another.