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Dr. Newton K. Wesley Research Center

Participate in pioneering research.


Built in collaboration with the Dr. Newton K. Wesley Foundation, this center will serve as a dedicated research space. It will be the base for all research participants involved in current studies. The center will house specialty research rooms and a modular center that changes based on research needs. A larger space will triple the size of our current research suite to meet all of our growing research needs.


The Dr. Newton K. Wesley Research Center is currently under construction and should conclude by late fall. We anticipate occupancy by the end of the calendar year. The result will be a new State-of-the-Art Clinical Research Center to serve our institution and the profession for years to come.


Learn what research is like at ICO.

2023_0510_Research Suite Renderings_Page_5.jpg

Patients participating in clinical research trials will be directed to the Dr. Newton K. Wesley Research Center for all of their exams.


Our amazing patient population is the biggest reason we can continue our groundbreaking research.

As one of the largest optometric institutions in America, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of specific areas of interest no matter what they may be.


Research at ICO now encompasses every stage of your optometric journey whether you’re a student, a resident or faculty, you’ll see there is a topic that may interest you!


The Dr. Newton K. Wesley Research Center has been built to accommodate research’s growing needs. Our research will continue to expand, and we look forward to having a space that expands with us.

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